Project 12

LaughLounge 'Green Room' Video Loop

If you’ve ever had the (mis)fortune to be a comic or musician playing at a small venue, you know that the concept of a ‘green room’ for talent has been broadly interpreted. Some are clean and well-appointed. Most are not. As a matter of fact, most are shabby basement storerooms about 3 floors below the stage.


After conversations with LaughLounge's standup comic founder, MobSeen suggested a playful nod to these ‘green rooms’ with a 20-second video loop that consists of a ‘point-of-view’ camera endlessly descending a dark, cinderblock stairwell in search of the green room. Sound design was built around an auditory illusion known as the Shepard-Risset tone - a combination of musical notes that appears to descend continuously in pitch.


Production - including look development -  was accomplished entirely in Cinema 4D and Photoshop