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Our Team: Big enough to crush it. Small enough to share an Uber.

Edward Raeker
Photograph of Edward Raeker, Designer and Director

“Edward scores at the top of his class on standardized tests and exhibits great enthusiasm for collaborative creativity. He has, however, a history of restlessness and disruption in the classroom. He’s distracted by the realms of imagination and seems intent on turning every homework assignment into an art project. If he would only apply himself, the world would be his oyster. Edward is bright and full of potential but seems to have trouble focusing within the framework of a traditional learning environment. We have no doubt that once he finds his calling, he will excel beyond his peers. When he sets his mind to something, the results are extraordinary.”


- Principal Richard Fawver, Poplar Bridge Elementary School

Photograph of Claude Shires, Director and Comedian

Claude began his career in comedy performing at The Comedy Store in San Diego. He eventually made the jump to Los Angeles to hone his act at The World Famous Comedy Store - all while learning video editing as a way to cut his own material together.


Video editing became his vocation. “Everything I needed to create was right there in front of me,” says Shires, “No need for an audience, lights, drinks, etc. to practice the craft”. He put his expertise to work editing comedy specials for fellow comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, Joan Rivers, and Al Madrigal.


In 2015, Amazon offered Shires his first network directing job: a series of one-hour comedy specials called “The Guest List.” Shires produced and directed sixteen episodes of “The Guest List” over the next three years. This achievement earned him the opportunity to direct and edit Felipe Esparza’s HBO comedy special ‘Translate This’.


Claude’s next step was to build and grow LaughLounge, a live video streaming platform dedicated to stand up comedy. As LaughLounge has flourished, Claude has continued to produce and direct the work of other A-list comedians.

Claude Shires
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