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Spreadin' the Love

Illustration of Minneapolis Skyline
Minneapolis - Spreading the Freelance Love

How 1 Content Project Puts Food on 8 Tables:

My friend Sev has an adage: ‘Spread the Love.’ At every opportunity, Sev brings other freelance crew people in on projects to contribute their talents and share in the spoils. He never operates from a ‘scarcity’ mindset. Sev is firmly rooted in a generous ‘abundance’ mindset. He believes there’s always enough to go around.

This attitude hasn’t set Sev back. On the contrary. Sev is one of the most trusted and beloved experts in our production community. People are proud to say that they know and work with Sev. Producers boast about having Sev on their next project. His dedication to teamwork and community has made him one of the most in-demand professionals in our market.

Freelance experts like Sev raise the production value of our projects and introduce the alchemy of collaboration. You see, I’m only good at a few things - but my network is super-pro at a bunch of things.

Any project worth doing is worth doing right, so when we take on a project to create content for a client, we want the end product to exceed the client’s goals. By collaborating with other creatives that are experts in their given disciplines, we can deliver a jewel that we’ve polished on every facet. Great work attracts interest, and with the help of Minneapolis’s unrivaled crew and creatives, we can all keep on working and making better and better stuff.

On a recent project, I had the extraordinary good fortune to collaborate with a total of eight other gifted creatives. We all got to take home a chunk of the pie, and we’ll all get to do it again on the next one because the end product that we delivered was greater than the sum of its parts.

Here’s how we ‘spread the love’ on that project:

Illustration of a blueberry pie slice with a list of eight freelance creatives that contribute to a video production
Dividing the Freelance Pie

(Yes, Sev loves pie. So a pie metaphor we have served up.)

Pie Slice #1: Producer

Pie Slice #2: Writer / Director

Pie Slice #3: Storyboard Artist

Pie Slice #4: Videographer

Pie Slice #5: Actor

Pie Slice #6: Editor / Animator

Pie Slice #7: Voice-over Artist

Pie Slice #8: Sound Designer

These are challenging times. The pandemic has changed the way we make content. Some businesses are still rooted in a scarcity mindset and are hesitant to create content right now - even though we, as a society, are consuming more video content than ever before.

Let’s take this moment and commit to our own futures. May I offer a 3-step recipe?

  1. Let’s get the word out to our friends and colleagues in the business community: Now is the time to get your message out. People are watching and sharing and interacting now more than ever before. To hesitate is to be left behind.

  2. With so much compelling content being made, production values are going up, and we all need to bring our very best work. Freelance professionals make that possible when we utilize their specialized talents, flexible scheduling, and collaborative spirit.

  3. Plan and budget every project with our clients’ highest goals in mind, and we will inevitably produce blue-ribbon pie, enough for the whole film and video community.

What’s your favorite pie, and with whom will you share it? Please share your thoughts!

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