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Project 01

LaughLounge 'Pressure' Interstitial

‘Pressure’ is a 15-second interstitial commissioned by LaughLounge, a Los Angeles-based, live-streaming, stand-up comedy platform.


LaughLounge is helmed by veteran standup comedians. They’ve all endured the rigors of extensive air travel — an inevitable part of life for working standup comics. Air travel became a fitting motif to support our theme of comedy as a pressure release.


Inspired by early MTV promos and ‘art breaks’, ‘Pressure’ employs kinetic 2D elements and limited 3D animation to create an affectionately retro and highly-textured promo.


A compressed production cycle began with a written treatment followed by extensive style frames. Actor KayLynn Campton lent her infectious laugh and convincing physical performance to the live-action shoot. The live-action plate was then keyed and heavily treated in post-production with rotoscoping and additional hand-drawn elements. Sound design originated in-house blending joke fragments and audience walla with custom foley work.


“LaughLounge gave us enormous creative freedom and the end result, we hope, is a fun, slightly chaotic valentine to working comedians and the fans who support them.” -Ed Raeker, Director, MobSeen

LaughLounge 'Pressure' Interstitial

LaughLounge 'Pressure' Interstitial

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